…common sense in the age of non-sense…

Young ~ Stupid ~ and ~ Fearless ~ In the Seventies…

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We were just a bunch of kids hanging out in 10 park   Everyday we’d hang out till well after dark All kinds of drugs could be…

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Parents! Push Back Against Doctors Who Berate & Bully When They Question Vaccines… One of my Favorites: “Beyond learning to inject one, how long did you study vaccines in medical school?”

I thought this a great article for parental ammo… Ten comebacks to slip your infant or child out of the doctors office to avoid a vaccine… Click, and take a quick look at … Continue reading

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>> Love Nation <<

As fear is raised to the next level the blades get sharpened at the bevel where will the hammer fall next? we look at each other perplexed but as sure … Continue reading

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» Elite Plan To Kill 6 Billion Discovered – NICE!

Here is a 6 minute video… The National Academy of Sciences has published a shocking report which envisages a Chinese-style global one child policy as the only means of reversing … Continue reading

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Brothers From Another Mother by GWPirro 8/22/11

If I was a black man – And used the “N” word Would you give a damn – Or pretend you never heard Because my skin is light – you … Continue reading

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Another Tricky Day

Another sunrise Another bus ride Another day to wake people on the right side To see a bright side to the dreary otherwise Love and humanity everywhere it does reside … Continue reading

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Perpetual Security

News settles like dust in our ears to rest Distilled and watered down by the press Paid in full opinions … From medias many directions Disaster illusions cause intended confusion … Continue reading

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