Young ~ Stupid ~ and ~ Fearless ~ In the Seventies…


Random thoughts on growing up feral in Queens…

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We were just a bunch of kids hanging out in 10 park

  Everyday we’d hang out till well after dark

All kinds of drugs could be had on any day

If you had no cash, no prob, when you could, you’d pay

We avoided needles, but if it got you high, why not

My friends and I would give nearly anything a shot

Ah, We was Young ~ Stupid ~ and ~ Fearless ~ In the Seventies…

My buddies and I was the real wild bunch

Post Hippie Hitters, ready to throw down on a hunch

Junior High memories of bye-gone days

All clouded by a post drug induced haze

The bus to Rockaway Playland ~ the rides and the shore

Always on the lookout for bad girls and more

Yah, We was Young ~ Stupid ~ and ~ Fearless ~ In the seventies…

Two or three generations ~ Sold a bill…

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Parents! Push Back Against Doctors Who Berate & Bully When They Question Vaccines… One of my Favorites: “Beyond learning to inject one, how long did you study vaccines in medical school?”


I thought this a great article for parental ammo… Ten comebacks to slip your infant or child out of the doctors office to avoid a vaccine… Click, and take a quick look at the complete post…

Originally posted on Michael Chad (Stay-at-Home Dad):

Did you see this nonsense in the LA Times on Friday?  Dr. Paul Offit speaking to “several dozen physicians” in a UCLA lecture hall (that holds several hundred, wonder why it was so empty), teaching them to push back against parents who question vaccines, lest moms and dads be under the impression that they have a vote in their child’s medical care.  These are doctors that apparently have no retort to classic questions like, “Why is autism listed as an adverse event on a vaccine package insert?”

gentle push back

Given that the only people to deal with the fallout of vaccinating a child who doesn’t have the hard-wiring to withstand vaccines are the parents, why is Paul Offit teaching doctors that what the parents want is irrelevant to his agenda?  What’s missing from the Times’ story is the fact that most parents who don’t vaccinate take that position because they have already…

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>> Love Nation <<

As fear is raised to the next level

the blades get sharpened at the bevel

where will the hammer fall next?

we look at each other perplexed

but as sure as the Sun will rise in the East

Powers vote to War – and rarely for Peace

To make the Best of Our Times in situation

Put a smile on your face – join the Love Nation

So smile as you hand a buck to the homeless One

Smile at that cop ready to draw his gun

Smile at the Bigot preaching Hate is the Way – the Only One

Smile at the pinhead who denies earths movement round the Sun

The Love Nation can be anywhere you are

On a local bus — Car to car

a Smile is the key to delete stress and misery

an expression of Real Love and Harmony

To must make the best of most situations

Put a smile on your face – join the Love Nation

Brothers From Another Mother by GWPirro 8/22/11

If I was a black man – And used the “N” word

Would you give a damn – Or pretend you never heard

Because my skin is light – you took offense

Got all uptight – put me on defense –

You can’t disregard – the context

I know there are baters & haters up in here

And they’re always a nasty sight

But my momma’s daddy’s Tieno –

Making some black men – look a little white

We are all brothers – from another mother

We are all on the look out – for a significant other

It’s the same energy on which we feed –

All the same things that everybody needs

The game of life is choice – each and everyone

We are victims or empowered with every rising sun

And you should know the fun – from the scum

It’s the context – that reveals friend or foe –

And that context – that makes or breaks the show

We’re all brothers – from another mother you know

P. Funk and Bob Marley taught it long ago

We must remain positive wherever we go

And if you can’t deal – remember – I still love you so

I’ll see you on the road – and see you in the hall

We are the drivers on the local, and its people that we haul

My wish is for peace – for you and your whole family

All I can hope is – You wish the same for me


Another Tricky Day

Another sunrise
Another bus ride
Another day to wake people on the right side
To see a bright side to the dreary otherwise
Love and humanity everywhere it does reside

Another bus stop sign
Another long line
I wink smile and say hello to all as they file by
Forget about your troubles for about a mile
Life can be normal again for a while

I see…
Tears Fears Broken dreams
Planners Scammers and Beautiful Gleams

The little old ladies going shopping
The new born babies binky chomping
The little school girls chewing gum
The little school boys think they might get some
The more things change the more they stay the same

Just another tricky day

Perpetual Security

News settles like dust in our ears to rest
Distilled and watered down by the press
Paid in full opinions … From medias many directions
Disaster illusions cause intended confusion
An info storm aimed at the uninformed
All the news fit to be mashed into creamed corn

Clamoring for perpetual war
The blood thirsty are always bored
Better to be informed shouting down clowns
Screaming for perpetual war

Information’s the ammunition …. A battle for the mind
You don’t get much reciting NewSpeak headlines
Dig a little deeper … Best take your time
Might look into sources of the internet kind
Every single one of us must be an information sleuth
Every single one of us a detective for the truth

Old allies become new enemies
New enemies once allies
The security state will keep us safe by locking down liberties
In a Perpetual war for perpetual peace