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Uploaded on Jan 6, 2010

This video was named by some guy on the bus ride talking to the film maker of this docu-drama. Made by a NY Film School student, Miss Siji Kompanal, who got on my bus and told me she needed a subject for her final project. She asked if she could film and interview me about my life while I drove, So I got permission from the president of Triboro Coach, who gave me the OK, as long as we met on an early Sunday morning when I would not be too busy and safe… She stayed on most of the day.

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A video of me driving the Q33 in Queens, NY, telling my story several years ago. Part 1 of 3

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Live Longer – No Regrets

How much different would my life be
If I didn’t leave New York in the seventies
Would Chris Ronnie and I have gotten signed as a band
Would Lori and I still walk hand in hand

Who knows – I don’t know
Who cares – I just wonder

Left New York to work for brother up north
He died five years later – I just couldn’t go forth
Closed it down – Moved back to hang with dad
For two years straight – Lots of laughter we had

Then he died – Again I cried
So long ago – So long ago

It took me some time – but I’ve built a life that still grows
A garden of love – I like the ways it shows
That garden is my family & we are all blooming nice
No rewind – Just fast forward – Pay the price

Now I laugh – As much as I can – and do
Everyone laugh more – I hear you live longer too
Who knows – I don’t know
All I know – today – I have no regrets

Prison Grounds/Breeding Grounds © GWPirro 2015

That church murdering bigot
Was psychotically mistaken
Shooting nine people
While babbling race war nation
The medication he was on said
Might make you crazy if taken
But it was in jail where he got
A lot of that neo-nazi education
Prison grounds are breeding grounds
For racist insanities
Inmates stripped of humility, pride & dignities
Lowest common denominator
Applied across nationalities
There is little if any correction in prison
But lots of negative reinforced situations
Character assassination from
The moment of incarceration
All part of the
‘Hate Your Fellow Man Program’
The dumbing down battleground
For mind and soul
Thru fear and intimidation
The young ‘schooled’ by the old
The ways of fear, pain & hate
In ways rarely told
All that ugly knowledge pours to streets
When the indoctrinated are released
Like a virus invading
Little chance of escaping
The illness & sickness of prison business
Media spun tales of distraction
Refocus attention
With perfect teeth & smiles
Feed propaganda to the masses
Turn viewers to jackasses
Confusion / distraction – tools used by the few
To control the many
Best wake up
To fact – fast and plenty
We are all one
Under this Yellow Sun
Floating in space somewhere
In this corner of the galaxy
In the middle of nowhere
Gasping for air

Happy to be Daddy

I didn’t do so good with formal education
I never got the video game fascination
And I never prayed to God via deity idolization

I don’t like bending elbow at a bar
When I drinking never wanna drive my car
But when I do, from my bed, don’t wanna be far

I never got that Death Metal Music, all darkness and negative
Life should strive for beauty, I try to stay positive
Always looking for balance, everything is relative

The choices we make, make us who we are
On a planet, in space, amongst billions of stars
And success only comes staying true to yourself and heart

I made the choice to be daddy a long time ago
So glad I said YES, and didn’t say NO
Love my life, kids and wife, and happy to say so

Summertime’s Womanhood Pride

  • When green returns to trees
  • Spring is in the air
  • The warmer it gets
  • The less cloths people wear
  • Ladies best – to choose outfits with care
  • Now don’t think me rude
  • But to most men it’s quite alluring
  • To watch woman strutting nearly nude
  • Like a Jr. High School boys dream come true
  • Be aware of the “why”
  • The boys are gazing at you
  • You have come a long way ladies
  • But boys still have a libido
  • Exciting the mind is inciting a show
  • So let it all hang out
  • But don’t be insulted or surprised
  • By leering & cheering & mesmerized eyes
  • May-be sizing you up as a mate or a prize
  • Perhaps spawning thoughts
  • Of what’s wrong in their lives
  • Comparing past lovers & girlfriends & wives
  • Or why someone like you
  • Is not in his or her life
  • With no care of the effect
  • On ones psyche or neck
  • You prance through the day
  • ipod turned up all the way
  • As loose ends flutter
  • With each step in your stride
  • Showing off your stuff
  • And your Womanhood Pride

Anything Can Happen

Short little man in a pink shirt
In front of my bus jumping out of his
Oversized pickup truck
Just another roadside jerk
Thinking about his problems
While pressing his luck

Gum chewing housewife driving a jeep
Blocking all traffic in the middle of the street
I honk – she flips me the bird
And calls me a creep
I smile and go round and wave as I do
Another day on the Q18
I have people to move

A typical day of the job
Treating everyone as they should be
It’s not all that bad still after 14 years
But driving the bus in Astoria NYC
Is still a thrill a second
Because anything can happen
And usually does…

Makin’ Lemonade

The older you get
The faster time goes
The more you figure out
The more you need to know
And once you have kids
The more you need to show

Just got to roll with it
Cause we’re all gonna take a hit
It’s the human condition
Best just deal with it

The older you feel
The more your doing wrong
If you’ve found the love of your life
At least you got that song
No time for chillin’ being lazy
Cause that love of your life’s gonna drive you crazy

Just best to roll with
Cause we all get hit
It’s the human condition
Best to deal with it

With the lemons life send you
Learn to make some lemonade

Another Tricky Day -On the Local Lines…

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Another sunrise
Another bus ride
Another day – to wake people  – on the right side
To see a brighter side – to dreary otherwise
Humanity & Love – everywhere it can reside

Another bus stop sign
Another very long line
I wink I smile I say hello – as people file by
Forget about troubles – for about a mile
Life can be fun – for a little while

In the eyes…  I see…

Planners & Scammers & Beautiful Gleams 

Tears & Fears & Broken Dreams

The little old ladies – going shopping
The new born babies -binky chomping
The little school girls – chewing gum
The little school boys – think they might get some
The more things change – more they stay the same

Just another tricky day 

Getting people on there way

  • Hi -Hello –
  • Welcome Aboard –
  • Very Fine, Thank You Very Much –
  • Nice To See You Too –
  • Ya All Have A…

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Gaming the System

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Tragedies engage & enrage by design with purpose

To control & confuse the world’s populous

As the middleclass is downsized to poor

One per centers help themselves to even more

Puppeteers & kingmakers from all over the world

Got bull’s-eyes on America – Knocking on Congress’s door


Bailing out the too big to fail industries

While shutting down the local factories

Selfish ill-advised policies

Leave behind crumbs and miseries

Wickedness is a sickness

And sickness is good for business


Gaming the system – With perpetual blame

Gaming the system – Dishing perpetual pain

Gaming the system – For perpetual gain

 To fix this – Gonna need perpetual change

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Young ~ Stupid ~ and ~ Fearless ~ In the Seventies…


Random thoughts on growing up feral in Queens…

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We were just a bunch of kids hanging out in 10 park

  Everyday we’d hang out till well after dark

All kinds of drugs could be had on any day

If you had no cash, no prob, when you could, you’d pay

We avoided needles, but if it got you high, why not

My friends and I would give nearly anything a shot

Ah, We was Young ~ Stupid ~ and ~ Fearless ~ In the Seventies…

My buddies and I was the real wild bunch

Post Hippie Hitters, ready to throw down on a hunch

Junior High memories of bye-gone days

All clouded by a post drug induced haze

The bus to Rockaway Playland ~ the rides and the shore

Always on the lookout for bad girls and more

Yah, We was Young ~ Stupid ~ and ~ Fearless ~ In the seventies…

Two or three generations ~ Sold a bill…

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