Reel It In – Corporate Nation

A truth is hidden – Right before your eyes

Corporations made billions – All from lies

Parents who lost children – Still ask why

We can stop the madness – We can’t stop trying

Are we governed by people or corporation

Documents reveal – It was all a shame

Horror of the sixties known as Vietnam

Gulf of Tonkin admitted false flag operation

Attacking our own – Caused the escalation

By that time we were already a Corporate Nation

The guilty of that era still alive

Should be tried & sentenced to tour to apologize

Feel the pain – Face to face

Look family members & survivors’ in the eyes

The kin who paid with there blood

Nobody hears there cries – Hears there cries…

Now we have our Global War On Terror

And many unanswered questions on 9/11

An illegal war for profit – No end in sight

Fighting a boogieman – Is never a fair fight

Undeclared & open ended

It’s full speed ahead with what’s left of our might

We are all brain washed thru indoctrination by the press

Another a branch of our Corporate Government Nation

We got to reel in the… Sentence the warmongers…

We got to reel in the… Sentence the warmongers…

We got to reel in the… Sentence the warmongers…

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