So Beautiful

Your so beautiful – So beautiful are you

All we have time for is a quick hello

Never time to chat – always got to go

And that’s better for the both of us I think we both know

I see you on the line, you get the bus, & as you walk by

You glance that million-dollar smile with a twinkle in your eye

I can’t help but try to return in kind

You’re just so beautiful – I’m sure your often told

So much so when heard, it might bore you, said by another so & so

At home my life is filled with all the love one in this life can get

The wife, the kids, parents, in-laws and the pets

My wife I love more than most ever experience in a lifetime you know

But you’re so beautiful, I just had to tell you so

This is not an invitation, only an observation, a lighthearted re-animation,

Of human and race relations, a break-away from imposed complications,

An enjoyment of life’s daily situations and what’s left of simple pleasures

Here on lovely planet earth

From grace we can’t let ourselves fall

You’re so beautiful, in our own way, well aren’t we all

One thought on “So Beautiful

  1. Every once and a while, sometimes more often than not, eyes meet, and smiles appear on faces during a simple glance. It’s a good feeling.
    Without a word being spoken, private thoughts seem to be exchanged and acknowledged. It’s a good feeling.


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