Let’s Cook Again

Sunshine Love Sign 
 Will you be mine
Night time so fine  
Where shall we dine
Better yet – lets stay home 
That’s what we’ll do
I’ll cook & then later 
I’ll make a meal out of you
For twenty years I been nibbling at your ears
And I just can’t get enough
Twenty years later 
 Home is still in your arms
No midlife crisis 
No question – No Alarms
Love Line Time Line 
Sure we’ve had our share of trying times
Life Line Sun Shine  
You’ve always been timelessly mine
No need to go out 
How about movie night with the kids
Let’s cook together 
Then later I’ll make a meal out of you
Twenty years later 
 I’m still ready to do it all again
You are still my confidant, 
wife, and my best friend
Twenty years later 
 I’m ready again to marry you

                                                      Would you – Will you say 

                                                        I Do 
                                                            Would you say it again?

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