No More Freakin’ Frackin

No More Freakin Frackin
All across the USA
The calls are louder everyday
No More Freakin Frackin
But the fix is is in
So they won’t stop tryin till there chips are cashed in
No More Freakin Frackin
It is the method they use on which we must bail
There’s got to be a better way to get at the shale
No More Freakin Frackin
Turning water supplies into lighter fluid
For God’s sake it so damned stupid
No More Freakin Frackin
No more chemical horrid blasting 
It’s like a ‘B’ movie w/ bad writing and casting
No More Freakin Frackin
No matter how you make a living or how you toil
Do you really want to trade our precious water for oil?
No More Freakin Frackin 
When ‘Asbestos’ was invented we was told it’s safe to use
Now know that industry lies and it’s just not true

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