Third Party Time…

1984 was fiction
But no longer just a book
It reveals our scary present 
Scan around and look

Laws are getting passed 
Lawmakers never read
Yester and today’s allies 
Soon tomorrow’s enemies
Tell a joke in public 
You could be jailed or fined

Kids no longer taught to think
But keen on taking tests
The ones who do get drugged 
Then told they're that the pests
Modern Generals of today
No longer battle standing armies
Through cash funneling & training 
Fight set-up proxies

Created little factions 
Just to keep on warring
Puppet masters pimping 
Wind up soldiers of fortune

Think before you vote 
For that sound bite, hair and smile
Are they just another ego 
Climbing histories pile
Did they spend their entire life 
In governments ranks and file
If they did be assured 
That nothings gonna change
The machine will be well oiled
And we’ll get more of the same
Ask if they will stop the operation
of psych-op's on every citizen?
Will they stop the slaughter bombings
Of innocents and children?
Nazi’s protected the Fatherland

Russians protect the Motherland
Here in the U.S.A. now 
The Ten Fema Regions
The DHS protects the Homeland
From itself while powers
manipulate the vote

So vote for third party 
Makes you visible and heard
Because no matter who wins the presidency
All we get are turds

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