The Saga of John Brown

My band several years ago… the Harpers Ferry Raiders.

John Brown was a warrior for abolition
Ending slavery was his life mission
He never met a man who didn’t bleed the same color
So why should skin be a humanity divider
He spent a lot of time in the fields
Raising the flag of freedom and high ideals
For slaves who were blinded by simplicity
Spreading a vision of freedom that they could now see

He ran in circles that included Fredrick Douglas and many others
Who believed all of mankind were sisters and brothers
And knew that ideas that were good, were good for all
No matter your color, you should walk tall
So they worked out the details, came up with a plan
To fight back they’d need a rifle in every slave’s hand
Converge they would at Harpers Ferry
Home to a large armament and rifle factory

The night John Brown came to town ~ Plan was to turn everything upside down

History was written that night, but not what was planned
Fate dealt Brown’s Raiders a death sentence hand
By traitor or mishap, we’ll never really know
The Raiders by the thousand never did show
He and his gang were captured or killed
Till the day he was hung, never lost strength of will
His story was told North and South, near and far
Brown and his Raiders – sparked the Civil War

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