6 thoughts on “Best Bus Driver in Queens

  1. It IS you! Thanks for a wonderful drive to la Guardia this morning. You got a wonderful story. Keep making a difference! People like you are the elixir this impersonal society needs. Thanks for making me feel like I was part of the neighborhood and for making my day… A warm salute from your sister city, Chicago!


  2. I’ve been all around the world and yesterday December 11, 2012 at around 8:30am i met the best bus driver in the world! I just stayed NYC for few days but this guy make me feel that i’m home and i’m safe in his bus. You are awesome man! I was even surprise listening your conversation with the chinese old lady who forgot her scarf. You make a difference! I will never forget you, my best bus driver who cares for his passengers! You are fantastic and i wish all drivers are like you. Thank you so much for driving me to la guardia yesterday morning. You put a smile on my face 🙂


  3. Hello I rode on your bus towards elmhurst today around 7- something PM today on 5/21/2014. I was the one wearing the brown sweater and blue shirt. You are the best and what seems to be the only driver with humor and you are god’s blessing for New York City and the rest of the world.


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