The dice are tricked out

The card have been marked

The whole game is fixed

So lets not even start

I don’t like to gamble

Cause I hate to lose

So lets have some fun

Baby break out the booze

I like the way that you kiss

Can we do that some more

I know you don’t wanna dance

But lets hit the floor

I really dig you honey

You’re a sweet little thing

Now correct me if I’m mistaken

But this is more than a fling

I won’t break your heart

And don’t you break mine

Every second is precious 

Lets make the most of our time

Now we have some rug rats

Running ’round the floor

Hey its kinda fun

Lets make some more

Sure we have some trouble

Just like everybody does

No time for second guessing

What could be or what was

There’s only the here and now

So lets do what we can

Lets make the most of our family

Lets make some new plans

We gat a fresh pair of dice

And a new deck of cards

We’re keeping it together

Beating the odds

The love we had 20 years ago

We still have today

Yet we’re just learning how to bail hay

I am so glad that we bought the farm

Though we got no chickens 

And we don’t have a barn

I won’t break your heart

And don’t  you break mine

Any second could be our last

Lets make the most of our time

Merry Christmas Kimberly

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