This you call entertainment? 2013


Funny how things got so funky so fast

Blink your eyes – See how time has past

Never thought I’d see the day when its so hip to be an ASS

Its 2013 – And funny is the gas we pass

Its 2013 – How can we break the cast

Not funny – Everything seen thru the prism of fear

The projection of it, the acceptation of it

The down right smell of it permeates the very air

Fear sucks; Suspicion sucks; Stupidity sucks;

Enhanced security that sucks us all into the vortex of mistrust and hate

Pre-programmed by the unseen hand of our Big Brother surveillance state

Thanks to that power – We are divided

Thanks to the media powers – We’re being blindsided

‘If it bleeds it leads’ so blood leads the way

I’m sick of the pounding my kids get coming out of the TV set


Pre-programmed to watch the reality shows, the Joan Rivers “Crouch joke shows”

I plead with them to please… Please “Change the freaking channel…”

Because… Its 2013 – and we’ve got to remember the love

Its 2013 – and we’ve got to think love

And who exactly are our children?

By most of TV’s example – Cool to cheat to win

By TV’s example, I call it – Double Negative Learning

I don’t want to be my kids enemy

Just because I reject what they want to watch on TV

BUT IT SUCKS I see them laughing when someones getting hurt

IT STILL SUCKS Even though it may well deserved because he or she is a jerk

Comedy and stupidity – two different things

Freedom and slavery – two different things

When lines get blurred – We all get burned

When lines get blurred – The world gets churned

De-Evolution – Humanity un-learned

Must wake them up from this “Wide Eyed Slumber”

Fight for them – At first it will be a bummer

Once the TV’s off – You can look them in the eye

Tell them of your history, your mistakes and regrets

Tell them they can do better, not make the same mistakes

Tell them your lost hopes and dreams, and how high the stakes

Tell ’em of great grandma, and family, your growing up

And how you weren’t much different when you was a pup

If you are lucky they just might listen to you

Funny how things got so funky so fast

Blink your eyes and so much time has past

Never thought I’d see the day when its so hip to be an ass.


One thought on “This you call entertainment? 2013

  1. I am always impressed as well blowen aways by the words you impart and just have to say that most of all of these words that you impart all most always warm my heart. You Rock Cuz!… Love ya!


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