Best Bus Driver in Queens …the video…

If you click, “watch on YouTube”, on the YouTube logo, parts 2 and 3 can be found there.

This was shot around 2005, while on the Q33, and uploaded to Youtube in 2010

This video was named by some guy on the bus, talking to the film maker of this documentary.
Made by a NY Film School student, Miss Siji Kompanal, who got on my bus one afternoon, and told me she needed a subject for her final project. She asked if she could film and interview me about my life while I drove. I got permission from the president of Triboro Coach, who gave me the OK, so long as we met early on a Sunday morning when I would not be too busy… She stayed on most of the day.

BusDriver NYC

A video of me driving the Q33 in Queens, NY, telling my story several years ago. Part 1 of 3

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18 thoughts on “Best Bus Driver in Queens …the video…

    1. Had such a Positive and Pleasant bus ride this morning on the Q53 bus line, with a bus driver that I had not seen before. He was positive, upbeat, friendly, respectful to all who boarded and exited his vehicle. He was such a joy.. God Bless!!! Thank you for taking care of your passengers so well… 🙂 HMS


  1. My colleagues on the Q100 today reminded me that I’m not supposed to talk to the driver while the bus is in motion but it was a pleasure speaking with you about the Pepper book and other subjects. Here is a story that you may be familiar with from a website that I follow regularly:

    Also send me the name of the scientist who talked about Tesla’s invention.

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  2. Gary! I never liked taking the bus. Too crowded, no seats and nasty attitude bus driver. Would rather take the chicken bus in Guatemala! 😉 That until I met you…you make my morning bus rides something to look forward to. Your attitude is amazing and as you said, “it’s easy to be miserable and have to be cheerful all the time.” Based on the few times I’ve taken your bus, I find you to be funny, friendly, caring, professional and a true sweetheart (the list goes on). Yyou definitely know how to brighten the faces of every person who steps on your bus. Thanks for being YOU! I wish EVERY bus driver were like you, but then again…that’s what makes you unique from the other! 😉

    Your passenger and new friend,


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  3. For the best bus driver from Mars: Thanks for the incredible joy ride, for two stops last night. You are the best. Keep on keeping on! Peace, from Astoria Venus.

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  4. I was on the Q53 earlier afternoon going to elmhurst hospital, greeted me and my little girl. As im riding i notice you were being so talkative, happy, funny and greeting all riders. You had people smiling and laughing. It was different from any bus ive been on, in a good way! A man who had been sitting by me had gotten up talking to you and said he loves the way you are. I over heard you telling him you have a website and you gave him your card. I was curious so i searched it and here i am hehehe. Thanks for a great ride!


  5. So he says “Whaddya want?…where you goin’? …Get on the bus, Toots.”
    And so began one of the best bus rides I’ve had in awhile here in NYC.
    Part philosopher, part comedian…I rode with Gary on the Q-53 to Jackson Heights.
    And what an interesting ride. What topics didn’t we cover?
    You sir, are one of a kind. Hope to travel with you again one of these days!
    In the meantime, I may need to put you into MY blog.


  6. Gary! Q39
    I’m the guy that runs to your bus, from your blind spot LOL. I know you told me not to do that again. You said next time yell [ “Heyyaa.. wait for meee!!]
    —- there was another time, when it was a rainy day, and I’m holding my umbrella in the bus, and the umbrella slipped out of my hand and hit the floor and you yelled (“ BUTTER FINGERS”) after that I couldn’t stop laughing. I like to tune in to my music and relax. But with you i have to remove them to see what your going to say next. I always picture you as a Comedian you should do stand up Comedy. I’m glad you gave me your website info and it is sad to see you leave the Q39 Bus. Your a unique bus driver, i wish there were more like you – Q39 bus wont be the same without you Gary!
    Your Q39 bus Passenger Allans C.

    Here is my instagram name


  7. The Q39 will NEVER be the same again!
    What bus are you gonna be driving next?

    Maybe I can surprise you sometime!


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