The Union Worker

Don’t believe anyone damning the union worker woman or man

We just want to get paid doing the best that anyone can

Who all got families to feed and somehow pay the bills

Nobody on earth gets by just on strength of will


It’s an old, old game of “us versus them”

Quality versus quantity, and people versus profits

Cheap labor rip-offs, and that bottom line


We don’t want any handouts & no acts of kindness

We’re doing work right and to spec, all we demand is fairness


Show some good faith, and show some goodwill

When we sit down at the table, let’s both be reasonable

Management & shareholders got to understand that the bottom line

Is keeping the dream alive for a hardworking family man


Union worker are easy targets for overpaid talking head pundits

Whose heads are so empty that if it weren’t for the mirror they’d never find it

Let’s keep America strong by negotiating right, not wrong


A man or woman paid a fair union wage

Can outperform 3 or 4 scabs by anyone’s gauge


Remember the mindset of the union worker

We work harder, cause we live better

We work smarter, and we live longer

We work sharper, cause together we’re tighter

We work harder, and we are happier

We’re The Union Worker

2 thoughts on “The Union Worker

  1. Garry….Im the kid from the bus. Adryan is my name. WE talked today and we discussed drones and such. Remember me?


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