wrong side of the rainbow

All this goes back to Eisenhower’s Farewell speech

Warnings of collusions ‘tween the agencies and industries

Murders of John Lennon and Martin Luther King

Both had millions of followers fighting and praying for peace

Conspiracies around the murders of the Kennedy’s

Wrong caliber and magic bullets – and and a nation diseased

It could have gone the other way you know

How’d we wind up on the wrong side of the rainbow

How is it that all that is good and all held dear

Is reduced to sound bite’s of hysteria and fear

Out of a promised future we’re all  getting cheated

Taking it lying down but not quite defeated

Got to stand up – for what is right and what’s true

Got to stand up  – don’t let anyone belittle you

We still have time to turn things ’round you know

How’d we get to the wrong side of the rainbow

It all comes back to this or that

Feeding the collective head – making it big and fat

Right and left big scary ego  – Is that land that I love 

Children become our collateral damage all around the world

Global death cult conspiracies make people chuckle with unease

So many bad magic bullets –  no apparent  remedies

There’s still time to change events in this lifetime you know

Got to get to that other side of the rainbowJFK

One thought on “wrong side of the rainbow

  1. I’m The Guy Who Exited U’r Bus @69th:Well I’m @Work Now. I’ll Comment tonight-yet How TRUE THAT”THE WRONG SIDE OF THE RAINBOW IS…!”


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