What Face Book is Good For

Some friends call me a pessimist

‘Cause I don’t buy what’s shoveled at me by the press

Been accused of being a depressing conspiracy theorist

I study history, read books & pay attention to the whole picture mess 

To win favor, subvert laws & achieve multinational goals

Self interested, corporate special interest group moles

Shower congressional families with cash for their souls

Seems all the rage these days is dreaming of being a vampire’s gaze

Zombies have come full circle in culture, games and photoplays

We truly are living in strange days

Is the counter culture of today the alter-news crowd

Whose throats all-sore from yelling too loud

Pointing out the inconsistencies

In officially sanctioned news stories 

I’m not obsessed, nor depressed

Just keeping my eyes on events that may one day oppress

The world’s always getting hit with another s.n.a.f.u.

It’s the conflicting reports that I point out to you

May-be nothing can be done, but awakening friends we all can do

It’s always time to speak your mind

I get concerned seeing false flag lessons believed & learned 

Can’t give it a rest uncovering lies is a habitual quest

Free speech zones are now penned in cages

The only place to rant is on facebook pages


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