2013 ~ It’s hip to be an ass

BusDriver NYC


Funny how things got so funky so fast

Blink your eyes – See how time has past

Never thought I’d see the day when its so hip to be an ASS

Its 2013 – And funny is the gas we pass

Its 2013 – How can we break the cast

Not funny – Everything seen thru the prism of fear

The projection of it, the acceptation of it

The down right smell of it permeates the very air

Fear sucks; Suspicion sucks; Stupidity sucks;

Enhanced security that sucks us all into the vortex of mistrust and hate

Pre-programmed by the unseen hand of our Big Brother surveillance state

Thanks to that power – We are divided

Thanks to the media powers – We’re being blindsided

‘If it bleeds it leads’ so blood leads the way

I’m sick of the pounding my kids get coming out of the TV set


Pre-programmed to…

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