Reel It In

Truth is kept from our public eyes
Corporations make billions off many lies
Parents lose children, don’t know why
Can’t we stop this madness, can’t stop trying

For instance,

Documents reveal it was a sham
That prime time horror show Vietnam
Gulf of Tonkin was a “false flag” operation
Attacking our own set off the escalation

Gears of war keeping palms greased
Homeland Insecurities planned release
Down grannies pants go our Federal Police
Looking for what they know isn’t there
To show who is boss they go in anywhere

Protest it everywhere, even at home
While the internet is still a free speech zone
Perpetual harassment for security
Will end when we all demand Liberty

One thought on “Reel It In

  1. You’re the best bus driver in queens you’re so funny with the zombie pedestrians

    Grace your passenger from forest hills high school


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