Live show at The Sidewalk Cafe NYC THIS Sat. Night 9:30 JULY 20th

H a r p e r s   F e r r y   R a i d e r s


Rock trio with MTA bus operator Gary Pirro on bass

Friend and drummer of 30 years, Jerome West

And on Guitar, brother Johnny Watson


9;30 Show Time


6th ST. & FIRST AVE.

JULY 20th This Saturday Night

AHPresents: 5 bands starting at 7:00. We’ll be playing a 45 minute set mixing up older and freshly pressed songs. Come down to the birth place of the ‘Anti-Folk Scene” and enjoy one of their Legendary Burgers [ground on the premises], drinks at great prices, and throw some gas and toll money into our jar!!! We hope you can make the trip to 6th Street & Ave. A. for a night of good rockin’ fun!


w w w . b u s d r i v e r n y c . c o m

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