Ink on Paper…

Ink on Paper...

I couldn’t have said it any better myself, wait, but I did say it!

Me in action, giving one, Joshua Boulet, a ride to LGA, in the middle of the night!
Without a word about it, he whipped out a sketch pad, while I was driving, after a few minutes into the trip…

Our conversation started when I said, “Is that your Ukulele?” He replied, “No, my easel”. I said, “Another wandering artist”.

It was only a 15 minute ride. At the airport, he showed it to me, and said, “I’ll finish it later”.

Thanks Josh!

Check out his fascinating biographic web page…

3 thoughts on “Ink on Paper…

  1. Peace brother. I met you a week or two ago on the Q102 bus going to Roosevelt Island, I got on in Queensbridge and the woman was boasting (prematurely) about my writing of a book… We spoke until I got off the bus… Just connecting… Hope all is well!

    Peace & Love,


  2. Hey it’s oil girl here! Just wondering how you’ve been and how you like your new bus route. I’m still at PETRO just wanted to let you know there isn’t a bus driver in the world as kool as you! I added my email hope to here from you and my best wishes to your girls at home! Peace love and juice! Xoxo
    -Your buddy Genie ❤


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