Powder Keg World

Peace is always blown to pieces
Pole to pole and coast to coast
Cops are stomping citizens
And laughing about it while they gloat
We didn’t all get here on the same ship
But we’re all in the same boat
You think you seen the worst of it
But we ain’t seen nothing yet
Neighbors are more and more concerned
What the government has released
The military overnight has become the thought police
They roll into town with gear used in wars still hot
Bringing everything the military industries have got
Coming to your town real soon weather needed or not
Powder Keg city
Powder Keg region
Powder Keg country
Powder Keg world
Powder Keg USA
By design going the wrong way
With the usual suspects sparking the fuse
The banksters and their puppets
On the evening news…

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