Perpetual Security

News settles like dust in our ears to rest
Distilled and watered down by the press
Paid in full opinions … Flung from all directions
Disaster illusions cause intended confusion
An info storm to keep us nice and uninformed
All the news that fits mashed into creamed corn

Clamoring for perpetual war
The blood thirsty are always bored
Get on your soapbox and shout down the clowns
Screaming for perpetual war

Information’s the ammunition …. A battle for the mind
You won’t get much from NewSpeak headlines
Dig a little deeper … Best take your time
Might look to sources – the unfiltered kind
Every single one of us must be an information sleuth
Every single one of us a detective for the truth

As allies become new enemies
New enemies were once our allies
The state will keep us safe – locking down liberties
In a Perpetual war for perpetual peace

2 thoughts on “Perpetual Security

  1. Have you watched the news recently? I can’t believe people are actually defending the torture methods that were used during 9/11 it’s bs i tell you! They said that one guy was deprived of sleep for 5 days, FIVE DAYS, and they couldn’t question him after that because he was having hallucinations; like NO DUH SOMEONE WOULD HALLUCINATE AFTER SUFFERING SLEEP DEPRIVATION THAT’S COMMON KNOWLEDGE! I mean yeah sure they tired to attack the white house and it was really devastating for everyone when the twin towers went down, but torture really? It just shows we’re no better than them. Sorry i just had to let this out.


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