Brothers From Another Mother by GWPirro 8/22/11

If I was a black man – And used the “N” word

Would you give a damn – Or pretend you never heard

Because my skin is light – you took offense

Got all uptight – put me on defense –

You can’t disregard – the context

I know there are baters & haters up in here

And they’re always a nasty sight

But my momma’s daddy’s Tieno –

Making some black men – look a little white

We are all brothers – from another mother

We are all on the look out – for a significant other

It’s the same energy on which we feed –

All the same things that everybody needs

The game of life is choice – each and everyone

We are victims or empowered with every rising sun

And you should know the fun – from the scum

It’s the context – that reveals friend or foe –

And that context – that makes or breaks the show

We’re all brothers – from another mother you know

P. Funk and Bob Marley taught it long ago

We must remain positive wherever we go

And if you can’t deal – remember – I still love you so

I’ll see you on the road – and see you in the hall

We are the drivers on the local, and its people that we haul

My wish is for peace – for you and your whole family

All I can hope is – You wish the same for me


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