>> Love Nation <<

As fear is raised to the next level

the blades get sharpened at the bevel

where will the hammer fall next?

we look at each other perplexed

but as sure as the Sun will rise in the East

Powers vote to War – and rarely for Peace

To make the Best of Our Times in situation

Put a smile on your face – join the Love Nation

So smile as you hand a buck to the homeless One

Smile at that cop ready to draw his gun

Smile at the Bigot preaching Hate is the Way – the Only One

Smile at the pinhead who denies earths movement round the Sun

The Love Nation can be anywhere you are

On a local bus — Car to car

a Smile is the key to delete stress and misery

an expression of Real Love and Harmony

To must make the best of most situations

Put a smile on your face – join the Love Nation

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