Another Tricky Day -On the Local Lines…


BusDriver NYC

Another sunrise
Another bus ride
Another day – to wake people  – on the right side
To see a brighter side – to dreary otherwise
Humanity & Love – everywhere it can reside

Another bus stop sign
Another very long line
I wink I smile I say hello – as people file by
Forget about troubles – for about a mile
Life can be fun – for a little while

In the eyes…  I see…

Planners & Scammers & Beautiful Gleams 

Tears & Fears & Broken Dreams

The little old ladies – going shopping
The new born babies -binky chomping
The little school girls – chewing gum
The little school boys – think they might get some
The more things change – more they stay the same

Just another tricky day 

Getting people on there way

  • Hi -Hello –
  • Welcome Aboard –
  • Very Fine, Thank You Very Much –
  • Nice To See You Too –
  • Ya All Have A…

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