Anything Can Happen

Short little man in a pink shirt
In front of my bus jumping out of his
Oversized pickup truck
Just another roadside jerk
Thinking about his problems
While pressing his luck

Gum chewing housewife driving a jeep
Blocking all traffic in the middle of the street
I honk – she flips me the bird
And calls me a creep
I smile and go round and wave as I do
Another day on the Q18
I have people to move

A typical day of the job
Treating everyone as they should be
It’s not all that bad still after 14 years
But driving the bus in Astoria NYC
Is still a thrill a second
Because anything can happen
And usually does…

4 thoughts on “Anything Can Happen

  1. Hi Gary! Found you here. I am not sure you will get this..Tried to leave a comment on your blog site, but could not… Keep doing your great work! Bright blessings, Nilcee (the mom of twins with expired metro card, you let pass, twice on the same day! Thank you so much for that! 


  2. I am the man you helped last week get to lag. airport do you remember it was this past Wednesday? I witnessed all the joy on the peoples faces as you greeted them and announced the upcoming stops. In a world as unstable as the one we live in along with all the suffering we have to endure in our daily grind, you managed to put a smile on all the passengers faces. All thought my 30 minute journey I saw stony faces transformed one by one. A remarkable site to have seen. Please keep it up. I pray you can still put your life problems to the side for the betterment of others. An example of Christ like behavior for us all. I am challenged to do the same

    Gregory Ulto


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