Summertime’s Womanhood Pride

  • zap
  • When green returns to trees
  • Spring is in the air
  • The warmer it gets
  • The less cloths people wear
  • Ladies best – to choose outfits with care
  • Now don’t think me rude
  • But to most men it’s quite alluring
  • To watch woman strutting nearly nude
  • Like a Jr. High School boys dream come true
  • Be aware of the “why”
  • The boys are gazing at you
  • You have come a long way ladies
  • But boys still have a libido
  • Exciting the mind is inciting a show
  • So let it all hang out
  • But don’t be insulted or surprised
  • By leering & cheering & mesmerized eyes
  • May-be sizing you up as a mate or a prize
  • Perhaps spawning thoughts
  • Of what’s wrong in their lives
  • Comparing past lovers & girlfriends & wives
  • Or why someone like you
  • Is not in his or her life
  • With no care of the effect
  • On ones psyche or neck
  • You prance through the day
  • ipod turned up all the way
  • As loose ends flutter
  • With each step in your stride
  • Showing off your stuff
  • And your Womanhood Pride

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