Prison Grounds/Breeding Grounds © GWPirro 2015

That church murdering bigot
Was psychotically mistaken
Shooting nine people
While babbling race war nation
The medication he was on said
Might make you crazy if taken
But it was in jail where he got
A lot of that neo-nazi education
Prison grounds are breeding grounds
For racist insanities
Inmates stripped of humility, pride & dignities
Lowest common denominator
Applied across nationalities
There is little if any correction in prison
But lots of negative reinforced situations
Character assassination from
The moment of incarceration
All part of the
‘Hate Your Fellow Man Program’
The dumbing down battleground
For mind and soul
Thru fear and intimidation
The young ‘schooled’ by the old
The ways of fear, pain & hate
In ways rarely told
All that ugly knowledge pours to streets
When the indoctrinated are released
Like a virus invading
Little chance of escaping
The illness & sickness of prison business
Media spun tales of distraction
Refocus attention
With perfect teeth & smiles
Feed propaganda to the masses
Turn viewers to jackasses
Confusion / distraction – tools used by the few
To control the many
Best wake up
To fact – fast and plenty
We are all one
Under this Yellow Sun
Floating in space somewhere
In this corner of the galaxy
In the middle of nowhere
Gasping for air


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