Live Longer – No Regrets

2012-10-13 13.26.01

How much different would my life be
If I didn’t leave New York in the seventies
Would Chris Ronnie and I have gotten signed as a band
Would Lori and I still walk hand in hand

Who knows – I don’t know
Who cares – I just wonder

Left New York to work for brother up north
He died five years later – I just couldn’t go forth
Closed it down – Moved back to hang with dad
For two years straight – Lots of laughter we had

Then he died – Again I cried
So long ago – So long ago

It took me some time – but I’ve built a life that still grows
A garden of love – I like the ways it shows
That garden is my family & we are all blooming nice
No rewind – Just fast forward – Pay the price

Now I laugh – As much as I can – and do
Everyone laugh more – I hear you live longer too
Who knows – I don’t know
All I know – today – I have no regrets

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