I love my wife

Went from a kid to a hoodlum in no time at all
The games got strange as I got tall
The cigarettes & beer, pot, coke & the pills
Looking back on my actions make me ill
We knew we were crazy, thought nothing was wrong
Rebel against everything, we were taught in rock song
To succeed dad said I didn’t need formal education
He was indeed from another generation
That advice was taken with no hesitation
But dear old dad couldn’t have been more mistaken
i was worldly wise with a poor foundation
I found that out quick in tall buildings I worked
I couldn’t get ahead in the halls big business lurked
Felt as if I was treading to shore against the tide
I could not get there no matter how hard I tried
Then my parent clock started clicking – I wanted to breed
More than an urge – It was a need
Met a girl who could change my world
No room for “may-be”, she came with a baby
Needed good paying work no matter how odd
Started looking real hard for a union man job
Self employed most of my life, I’ve had enough
20 years later and I’m driving the Q18 bus
20 years later, and we’re still in love

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