Everything Matters – The Poem ©GWPirro 2008

What impression do leave on those impressionable

Are they left smiling or feeling terrible

Are you light hearted or heavy handed

Do you practice what wise man teach and preach

Is your aura happy and content

Or full of mistrust and resent

Because everything Matters

Everything you’ve done gets you where you’re going

Everything your doing reveals your worth or ruin

Do you care what content of character is

What do you hear when your heart calls you

Do you believe your skin color defines you

Do you let what’s broadcast at you define you

What’s goes on inside of your head

Do you feel uneasy alone lying in bed

Do you strive to be an ever better teacher

Or do see yourself a self-proclaimed Grim Reaper

Because Everything Matters

Do you hear a truth in this song

Make your choices, you know right from wrong

To hell with projection of fear

To hell with ever present fear – think now…

Every little boy is your brother

Every little girl is your sister

Lets start by looking into each other’s eyes

Because up-close it’s really hard to disguise

Because Everything Matters

When you hear someone say “I DON”T CARE”

Tell em’ they should and they aught to

The sooner you start believing

The sooner you’ll be seeing

Every thought – Everyone – Everywhere

Everything Matters

[Here is a rehearsal of the song with John Watson, guitar

and Jerome West on drums, back in 2010]

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