One bite at a time ©2015 GWPIRRO

This is the age of the look a like pantry

Food these days is a finely mixed chemistry

If yer not reading labels better start quickly

What’s on the box ain’t what’s inside

No matter how hard Dr. Frankenfood tries

Slaughterhouse sweepings they call Pink Slime

Scooped from the floor with gray matter & grime

Processed to ground beef in really no time

And you would never know the difference

One of the marvels of Frankenfood science

The GMO salmon eats the natural salmon

Like a T.V. series called “The Swimming Dead”

Except this is for real not some screenwriters’ head

GMO corn still looks like the same thing

But may cause bee colony collapse and loss of sting

All my life I’ve enjoyed burgers, ribs, chops & steak

It’s so hard to tell if food is real or is fake

Lately eating careful for my wellness’s sake

Buying organic veggies & fruits & grain fed meats

Trying to keep an eye on what’s in my eats

I want to live way past my prime

Gonna do it one bite at a time

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