How it goes… ©2015 GW Pirro

When I was young -time clicked in slo-mo

At school I remember -tapping my toe

Weren’t much in the way -of responsibilities

‘Cept for doin’ homework -& eating my peas

My list was short -momma always said please

As we get older -the list gets longer

Time goes faster -the older we are

Speed it up if you like -by drinking real hard

We’re all dealt a hand -learn your best card

Treat all folks the same -the key is we are

Find one to love -to share your heart

Help your soul move along -progress from the start

Alone in thought -when long in the tooth

Subtracting the lies –looking for the truth

Choices in life –bind that spirit journey

And we are all spirit children –of the great mystery

There is more to humanity –than written history

Where the spirit world is neglected –obviously

The older we get –the faster time goes

You feel it in the bones -right down to your toes

Hope you found someone –to share your heart

Helping the soul move along –right from the start

In the classroom –I remember tapping my toes

Remembering song –saying that’s how it goes

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