At the End of the Tunnel

That light at the end of the tunnel’s looking green to me

I’ve learned the goal is to grow spiritually

Like a curtain pulled aside to look behind

Peeking ahead it all looks inviting and kind

And I never felt better than I do right now

That light at the end of the tunnel’s getting brighter everyday

And I have so much to do before I go that way

Now I’m sure I’m ready to to meet my maker

Double speak nonsense proves lots of takers

But I’m feeling so good I prefer it be postponed

Narrow views and trivial matters

Can leave the ones mind jumbled tatters

In the big picture some can’t see the frame

Making a living assigning blame

The big picture well hidden with mind games

At the end of the tunnel how will it look to you

Depends on your upbringing schooling and skew

Because all influences shape our view

No matter our age we can change our ways now

Feel better about all life here’s how

Divest from trivial matters of the day

Know this is the dawn of the Aquarian Age

See the light at the end of the tunnel for what it is

The timeless circle of life playing out universal biz

Like Thunderclap Newman sang long ago

“Life’s just a game you fly your paper plane and there is no end”

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