Had I known better…

Had I known better- Woulda’ paid attention

Had I known better- Coulda’ focused intention

Had I known –Better…

When I was a kid I was told I could be anything

Growing up I saw it wasn’t happening

Had I known…

Had I known better- I woulda’ kept my mouth shut

Had I known better- I coulda’ kept it up

Had I known –Better…

When I was a kid it was all about the friends

Rejection of it all and all to the end

Had I known…

2 thoughts on “Had I known better…

  1. Rode the Q70 this morning with you at the helm. Just before the drop-off, I heard you mention the website and am checking it out for the first time. Great site. I’d not seen you for a stretch since the 33 stopped going to the airport and was happy to see you’re still driving – still positive – still helpful – still informative. Keep up the good work on both the web and behind the wheel. Regards, JT in Queens


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