Mind Fishing 2.0

They know who you are

Studying your repertoire

From space they can see thru your clothes

Need no permission to peer into your soul

Mind Fishin’  – Everyones under suspicion

Mind Fishin’ -We’re all subjects of an inquisition

Eyes in the sky that can follow a fly

Tiny robo-flyers sneaking ’round any time

If looking for you good luck trying to hide

Everywhere you go trying to read your mind

Mind Fishin’ -All these projects are classified

Mind Fishin’ -We should all be horrified

Piggybacking partners snatch a personal look

Underhanded apps like snapchat and facebook

Alphabet agencies with budgets to justify

Everyone’s suspect with minds to open wide

Mind Fishin’ -This is only the beginning

Mind Fishin’ -If this is freedom you must be kidding


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