Reel It In 2.0

Truth is kept from the public eye
Corporations make billions off of lies
Parents lose children, don’t know why
To stop this madness, can’t stop trying
To hell with Generals & Major’s falsifying 
So wars of profit can keep multiplying
Documents reveal that it was all a sham
A decades long horror show, Vietnam
The Gulf of Tonkin - False flag operation
Attacking our own set off the escalation
To the lords of war - truth is an irritation
War for profit is an aberration
Gears of war keeping palms greased
Homelands in lockdown - Disturbance of the peace
Down grannies pants go the Federal Police
For war on the people - Budgets always increased
Citizen surveillance now an expertise
More than a decade - The global war of terror
On it keeps on going with missteps and error
A war for profit with no end in sight
Fighting the boogieman is never a fair fight
To the lords of war truth's an irritation
Wars for profit are an aberration
Got to 
Got to 
Got to 
Got to 

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