…Can Be Fantastic…

Artificial loving and attraction

Always wanting different girly action

Girlies paying up for perfect bodies

For bad boys who like going out to party

Looking for living playthings and their mommies

Supermarket checkouts full of sex rants

Teaching readers how to do a pole dance

Tabloids for teens celebrate the sex trance

Sex can be fantastic

But love makes the world go round


On the Internet sex is all so Al La Carte

On an alter of lust see woman torn apart

On-Line fella’s look for girls to Pow-Wow

And girls look to bilk those Cash Cows

Boys believing there gonna meet somehow

But will feel like chumps when the bill comes round

Magazines teaching teens the sex trance

Step by step instruction for the pole dance

Sex can be fantastic

But love makes the world go round…


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