Young Stupid & Fearless in the 70’s 2.0

I was just one of the rock & roll kids hanging ’round Woodside and Astoria’s 10 park

My folks said I could do anything I wanted too, and took the advice to heart

The liquor store on 46th never asked for an ID

And MOM’S TAVERN would serve beer to anyone with a quarter happily

Every recreational drug known to man was bought and sold in the park every day

Everyone kinda knew everyone so if you had no cash no probs tomorrow you’d pay

Needles were off limits but if it got you high why not

We were so clueless we’d give just about anything a shot

In our corner of the park we called ourselves the real wild bunch

Post hippie hitters ready to throw down on a hunch

We’d hitch the freight trains with spray paints to the HellGate hoping to fight other kids

Or climb down the girders to Randell’s Island one of the stupidest things we ever did

See we was sold hook line and sinker on turn on drop out and tune in nonsense

That I later discovered was all a plot to derail several generations but I digress

To save me from myself my dad sent me to Jr. High School

Where I might learn something at my half brothers house in Californ-I-A

Weeks after leaving found out all my friends were in reform school rehab and psychotherapy

As dad used to say the rewind buttons broken, now I say good riddance to all that

Not really ashamed nor proud of all that’s under my hat

I’m trying hard as I can to ride off into the sunset with a head held high

Doing the right thing by wifey and kids making damned sure my kids are raised better than I

Cause I was  Young Stupid & Fearless in the seventies

One thought on “Young Stupid & Fearless in the 70’s 2.0

  1. I personally think the most children do things to see what they can get away with. Most of the time we regret what we’ve done but most play the should a, could a, would a game later. There’s a song off of a obscured clouds (pink Floyd) that states the memories of a man in his old age are the deeds of a man in his prime.


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