Smiling Eyes


I love those smiling eyes

When smiling back at me

Transcending all race and nationalities

I like

I like you

And you – and you 

And you – and you – and you – and you

When smiling eyes 

Meet smiling eyes

They do what smiling eyes do

Smile right back at you

3 thoughts on “Smiling Eyes

  1. I try to say hello to every person who gets on my bus everyday.
    That’s a lot of hello’s.
    So many are so busy, figuring what they have going on.
    It’s nice that I can break the monotony up with a simple greeting…
    And a smile. Plus, I can tell if someone is batshit crazy…


    1. Today you put a smile to my face. I was eavesdropping on the conversation you were having with an old lady in the bus, and i decided to check out your website and I’m glad I did. You sir are the very essence of what makes life bearable for the “working wounded” whose daily commute is almost always as stressful as their jobs. I hope I can catch your bus again:)

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