20 year date

The dice are tricked out- The cards have been marked

The whole game is fixed -So don’t even start

Don’t like to gamble -Cause I hate to lose

Lets have some fun -Its a life we choose

I like the way that you kiss -Can we do it some more

You don’t like to dance -But lets hit the floor

I really dig you honey -Feeling you are the one

I’m up for the challenge – To be a dad to your son

I won’t break your heart -Please don’t break mine

Every second is precious  -Lets make the most of our time

And I loved every second of our 20 year date

We had a few rug rats -Running ’round the floor

It was its kinda fun -So we made one more

Sure we have troubles -Just like everybody does

No time for second guessing -Of what could be or was

There’s only the now -So lets do what we can

We’ll sit down together -And update the plan

Got a fresh pair of dice -And a new deck of cards

We’re keeping it together -And beating the odds

I am still glad – That we bought our farm

We still got no chickens  -And we don’t have a barn

But I loved every second of our 20 year ongoing date

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