The Provider -the song

The kids are growing faster than I can run
They’re doing alright someday they’ll be someone
I see the best they can be in a twinkle of those eyes
If you ever been a parent then you shouldn’t be surprised
I just couldn’t do it – So wifey went back to school
Now she has a good job to slow that burning fuse
The toddler she came with’s now a full-grown man
Were all working together to figure out the plan

I get up everyday at 4AM to do what I gotta do
I am a provider - It’s the life I choose

All in all guess I'm a fortunate on
Thanks to my union job look how far we’ve come
My girls are in love with longtime boyfriends
Only time will tell how those story lines will end
Glad we made those babies should-a made some more
The best part was making 'em but we stopped at four

I get up everyday at 4AM to do what I gotta do
I am a provider - It’s the life I choose

2 thoughts on “The Provider -the song

  1. Hi Gary,
    I was one of your 7:15am Roosevelt Ave regs on the Q33 for a period of time before you went AWOL on us.
    I was also one of the riders you gave a card to. I don’t know how you figured out that I was an artist and how you were able to figure out who the artists were. I only remember you giving a card to one other rider a few weeks later and she was a writer. She never told you anything, you just figured it out. By the way, I am a painter who writes, but had nothing professionally published.
    I, and probably many others, who pick-up the Q33 at Roosevelt have often wondered what happened. It’s like you just vanished. Then I thought well maybe you finally were able to retire.
    So now that I have some time, this week, I decided to check out your site. I have to say
    itsallotafun!! BUT I also learned you’re on the M101 to Steinway. I have been listening to the music, I like folk rock very much. And with so much crap on the radio your band is the best thing since the Incredible String Band & George Harrison when he went solo. In fact that’s what the music reminds me of. you’re really from the mid’60’s early ’70’s like them. You should post venues. I think the music is successful because you guys are writing for yourselves and NOT a commercial label.


    1. You are so wonderful… Thank you for your kind words. Please subscribe, and you will be notified of shows around Queens, should any get scheduled in the future. Also, every new post will be in your email box.
      Happier Holidays to you! G


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