Hell is Over Rated – the song

Seeing Babies on the Bus in Skull Shirts – Head to Toe

To Realms of Horror – See The Little Minds Get Pulled

Zombie Death Fun Combined With Hypnotic and Sexy Verse

Pain & Flame & Hate Consume So Much Time on Earth

Don’t Think It Overstated – To Say Hell is Overrated

Precious Sons & Daughters – Celebrating Luciferian Alters

Hell is Overrated

With Love you Could Have It All – Big Smiles All Around

Life is Living in the Light – Alive and Above Ground

Spirit Cooking is nasty – I’ll Take a Pass

I’m take the Beauty of Love – Embrace Heaven – And the child’s Laugh

Don’t Think It Overstated – To Say Hell is Overrated

Hundreds of Generations – Teaching Ugly Hating

Hell is Overrated – Hell is Overrated

Love – Is the Answer…

Hell – I’ll Take A Pass…

Love – Is the Answer…

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