Many A Charmed Soul

The collective  process
 Flows like bitter sweet molasses
 Institutional collusion
 Brings on the nonsense
 Mindful pollution frightful evolution
 Emoting repulsion morphs to attraction
 Re-wiring humanity
 To the worst that we can be
 A dark unfeeling world
 Of dispirit emptiness
 Where bloody's admired as lovely
 The creepy's sold as cheeky
 Ugly is sold as beauty
 Madness portrayed as happiness
 Insanity is cool and sexy
 The barbarous is now virtuous
 The degenerate is now legitimate
 The senselessness is relentless
 How far can it go?
 Dramas low blow
 Life is all adapting
 And so much is conditioning
 The soul is so gullible
 To the seduction and seducer
 All horror's and terror's
 Are now
 The laughter's and desire's
 We are what we eat
 We are what we seek
 We are what we think
 We are what we desire
 We are what we project
 Eat Right
 Seek Truth
 Desire and be the Good
 Think Positive and go forth
 Damn the torpedo's

Project Love

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