The Subjected… a poem

[ SUBJECTED -noun a person who is subjected to

experimental or other observational procedures ]

We are the subjected addicted to screen teens

We communicate with emoji’s and visual themes

We are inventing language with fresh new acronyms

Children bloom degraded and few are asking why

Some can barely talk rarely look you in the eye

And all can thumb type and walk in a state of awry

Lot’s are finding new ways of procrastination

The subjected’ never shy about expressing aggravation

Eager to engage anyone in a counter point discussion

Hypnotized by stealthy corrupt programmer ways

Thanks to little screens we’ve had since grade school days

Awaiting the ‘like’ click or other friends betrays

In line with group think thought -we all must be you bet

And if you’ve friended, friends – that you never met

You might be snagged and tracked by a “Click-Spy-Click-Net”

Autonomous Bots reward us all as if we are their pets

Propelled demonic outlets that stifle patterns in the brain

Isolation is the goal of a plasma soaked rain

Be sure you’ve looked into the eyes of that never met ‘friend’

Because A.I. machines learned how to fool and pretend

Damning the subjected herd and programmed to upend


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