The Next Spoke On The Wheel

Diversity is nice but integration is better
If we spoke the same language we could all talk together
How’s about we start with a wink and a nod
Acknowledge we are all sons and daughters of God
The same we are part of and one day may return
When our bodies burnt to ash and poured into an urn
Choose a side now and make your choice wisely
Cause many don’t care what there next life might be
It’s said that souls that don’t get it are stuck here on Earth
Sad and nasty lives of pain birth after birth
We can learn and ascend to the next spoke on the wheel
Another level of existence in life’s perpetual ordeal
The harmonious path of truth spiraling out beyond the heavens
Far from earthly issues of our trials and tribulations
Can we agree that we are Gods creations
That we are sourced from the same infinite beings
Regardless of our differences we all want the same things
Someone to love - Someone to hold
A nice warm soup when outside gets cold
Someone to help out when we get old
From the ether's of the universe we once came
And many do believe we will return again
Life for so many is just a gotcha game
Now it’s your turn
Visualize the Heavens or Hell’s eternal burn

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