Feelings & Dreams

My girl found herself a bigger fish
That she’ll be happy is my only wish
After loving – putting up with me for 25 years
She gave me all I ever wanted
And I find myself slightly haunted
By memories of good times and cheers
He’s got a house by a lake and a lil’ nice boat
For all I know surrounded by a moat
I thought my heart was completely merged with hers
We had a good long run but now we’re done
Time to spot my shots – find a new loved one
While my ex embraces her next life with diamonds and fur
I know I’ll find that new girlfriend
And we’ll fit like matching bookends
And she will be my spirits remedy
Making new plans and dreaming new dreams
We will intertwine like water in a stream
Crystallize and forge new memories
Created with love,
Created with feelings
Created with dreams
Feelings, dreams and direction

5 thoughts on “Feelings & Dreams

    1. yes, I really appreciated your website. Unfortunately I couldn’t read everything, after my work day I will for sure. Thanks.


  1. I loved Garry. We met today in your happy . I am the woman with bad knee, remember? I couldn’t see everything yet, but I will for sure. Today you started my day having fun. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful week.


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