Lets Go

Lets go a bar where they charge
More for a drink than a bottle of booze
Where everyone is beautiful
And no one looks like they lose
All we need is lots of money
Or a good credit line
Some nice shoes and fancy threads
We’ll have a real nice time
Or how about a fancy restaurant
A hoy-de-toy-de popular haunt
Where every plate cost more
Than a days pay
It could be lots of fun
But we’ll need a credit line for that one
Or how about I just cook for you
A candlelight dinner for just me and you
I’ll make a nice salad and my specialty
Made with love – a family recipe
Taught to me by dearly departed daddy
It goes quite well with Carlo Rossi burgundy
We’ll save buckets of money
And I guarantee a wonderful time
I’ll pick you up after work
And I promise I won’t be a jerk

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