Torn Heartstrings

Heartstrings are rarely meant to be broken

Being betrayed by words never thought you’d hear spoken

But does in fact happen sooner or later

Like a sneak attack by an alligator

Biting you in the rear

Alone you may find yourself in the mirror

Welling up asking how could I not know for so long

Over a sink covered with tears

Watching all those years

Go down the drain

Asking yourself was my love in vain

Trying to deal with the pain

Of torn heartstrings

How would you feel if your partner of 25 years told you

They’d been sleeping out the past years or two

While playing house and you had not a clue

In all those years another, I never pursued 

Tried working it out but to her we are through

…and so…

I made a few profiles paid online date sites

Yeah I do look all suavely and nice 

And that experience open my wallet and eyes

My ex taught me how and even advised

Met lots of pretty ladies with beautiful smiles

Some who looked nothing like there picture profiles

Several  the ‘winners’ had me buying lunch or dinners

To catch up to my partner I was so over anxious

So I decidedly cut back on the time I canvas

And now get the true popularity

Of meeting for coffee

…yet still…

On occasion I find myself crying in my mirror

Asking how could I not know for so long

At the sink lined with tears

Watching those years

Go down the drain

Was my love in vain

Now dealing with the pain

Of my torn heartstrings







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