Bad Plan

Super rich despot clowns have some really bad plans

To dissolve and devastate all Rights of Man

Lies and propaganda looks you in the eye and swears

People trying to feed their families have little time to care

In The Age of Covid from each other, we must be terrified

Said millions would fall in 2020, but really,

The death rates didn’t rise

Leaders blackmailed, compromised or paid off

We soon could be dragged away for a wrong thought, fever or cough

Its bio-psych war on us all and our sons and daughters

Creating a Prison Planet for the Lucifer’s Soothsayers

We got to stand up for our Rights, our Freedoms & our Families

We got to shut down and reject all anti free speech policies

All’s not right, time is tight, we need solid voting rights     

Old money plans since before that Second World War

Their man Hitler failed he got double-crossed by

His backing Royal whores

Nazi bankers & Blackhearts, true believers in Dark Arts & pseudoscience

There offspring and likeminded have taken on the world & the U.S.

Distracting with identity wars, fostering racism with TV

Humans programmed with hate, from the fruits of poisonous trees

Censoring and silencing dissenters of any outside the line

Needing to control what we say and think all of the time

Lies and propaganda permeates all waves on the air

We’re at the Endgame now, who is our Voltaire          

We got to stand up for our Rights, our Freedoms, our Families

We got to shout down all technocrat psychotic policies

Oh say, can’t you see? Mass deflection of honesty

Oh say, can’t you see? To the world the news is lying

Oh say, can’t you see? Imposition of depravity?

Oh say, can’t you see? Don’t you see?

A dismantling of humanity?


©2021 GWPIRRO 

All Rights Reserved Worldwide

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