Really Bad Plans


A         Eugenic technocrats have a real big plan

To burn and discard the The Rights of Man

F          Lies and propaganda looks you in the eye  [G] and swears

F          Citizenry feeding families and rent has little [G] Time to care

A         Because of the virus they say we should be terrified

Projecting Millions would go, but like the yearly flu people die

[F]       Leaders blackmailed, compromised or paid [G] off

Technocrats will drag you away for a cold, a fever or [G] cough

C         Its bio-psych war on us all and our sons and [D] daughters

F          Creating a Prison Planet for [E] Luciferian Soothsayers

G         We gotta fight- for our Rights Freedom & Families

F          We gotta fight- for our Rights from Technocrat policies

G         You know I’m right… Time is tight [A] We need sunlight…

A         Old money plans since before the Second World War

Their man Hitler failed and ran away to foreign shores

[F]       All the Nazi leaders believers of Eugenic [G] pseudoscience

[F]       Then they slid their crazy scientists into the [G] U.S.

A         Distracting people with wars, entertainment and TV

Humanities re-programmed with the fruits of a poisonous tree

[F]       Take them blindfolds off – investigate [G] What I say is true

[F]       Don’t care about color or religion [G] We need to rendezvous

C         Lies and propaganda permeates [D] all waves on the air

F          This is the Endgame now, we need [E] a 21st century Voltaire

G         We gotta fight- for our Rights Freedom & Liberty

F          We gotta fight- All Technocratic plans of lunacy

Eb       Oh say, can’t you say? Uncontrolled insanity

G         Oh say, can’t you see? To your face the news is lying

F          Oh say, can’t you see? What happened to people’s memory?

Eb       Oh say, can’t you see? [D] Don’t you see? C     Bb

A   G   What’s happening?





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