Got to Stop Them

I’m just a lone pedantic – That is nearly driven frantic

By the mercenary antics of today

Stoking ancient bickers -They giggle in whispers

MAN into Machine – they swear the way

Scamming the world with vanity       

The fires they’re igniting – Enjoying all the fighting

There accounts get more exciting everyday

The gullible are patsies for this new breed of Nazis

The plan to rid the world of everybody to increase profitability

Hyper wealthy snobs        

Meeting behind locked knobs

Viewing it all as chores  

Planning all for nothing wars

The well heeled turn their cheeks

Stepping over people on the streets

Looking down on all the masses

With fancy drinks and glasses

In high towers of glass and steel

And steal they do with ritualistic appeal

They are all so full of themselves and gas

To beat ‘em everybody’s got to grow some balls of brass

And they can all kiss our collective massive ass.

©Gary Pirro 2020

4 thoughts on “Got to Stop Them

  1. We need more voices in this wilderness CRYING out, exposing the sickness! But sad to say no matter what we do, no matter how much we reveal in our RANTINGS be it true or otherwise, those who are in power will ALWAYS be in POWER!!! But please continue to speak to us,the masses. It REFRESHES!!!!


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